What is CHOBE

Center for HOlobiome and Built Environment: CHOBE

Humans spend most of their time in an indoor environment, and infectious diseases and allergic diseases caused by inhalation of indoor bioaerosols have become a problem in recent years. In order to find a solution to this, in this project research center, from a bioaerosol analysis using the latest technologies, a new air index "H'OME (meaning the total interaction between microorganisms in the living environment (Home microbiOME) and human-microorganisms (HolobiOME)) , will be introduced. The behavior of suspended particles, human behavior, and housing design are comprehensively examined, and microbiologically safe and secure living environment and leading city developing and planning based on this new indicator are jointly conducted and achieved by young, interdisciplinary, international, and industry-academia-public research team.

Creating a city protected from pathogenic microorganisms and related allergic diseases